A Friend In Need

Night falls on the Alamo City; Bill Miller Plaza is dull and gloomy, filled with unhealthy moisture. Samantha slams the door of the little technical room, gasping. She holds her right arm with a sweaty hand. Wanda was taking too long to get back and that made Sam nervous. Preoccupied by what may have happened, she failed to see that zombie and that thing fell on her without warning. She inspects her bloody arm. The disgusting wound looks like a bite. Her own sweat begins to irritate the injury. She rips a sleeve of her blouse and ties it unsparingly around the wound. She hopes Wanda gets back soon.

Wanda manages to slip away from the group that saved in order to get back to Samantha. Sam wasn’t where she left her so Wanda checks the dead drop they had set up. There is a note left inside… with blood on it.

- Wanda, where are you? I got scared and looked for you. I got bit.
Wanda, I’m afraid!
I’m going to the technical room near campus.
If you find this, come quickly.



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