The city is being overrun and the group needs to find a safe place to lay low for a while. Ned spots a building where he thinks they can fortify and rest. However, the building will need to be cleared out and secured first. There’s only one problem: this is the most infested area of the city.


  • Shut down the security system.
  • Get the green key.
  • Clear it out!


  • Joe the Scavenger
  • Tiff the Rocker
  • Troy the Traveler
  • Nikki the Gator Wrangler

Survivors Found (Did not start the game)

  • None

Survivors in reserve

  • Kris the Car Repo Man
  • Cathy the Gold Medalist
  • Louise the Metal Worker
  • Banquo, American Bulldog


Joe leans against the side of the building holding Nikki’s hand. They had been running since that abomination crashed throu Willy B’s Pizzaria. He recalls seeing Tiff, but lost track of the others in the flight.

“You can let go of my hand now.” states Nikki. She lost her rifle when the herd passed through and now clutches a lead pipe. Joe squeezes Nikki’s hand reassuringly and Nikki rolls here eyes.

“Am I interrupting a special moments by Hallmark?” Troy steps out of an alley way and quickly glances down the side street. Nikki finally manages to pull free of Joe.

“Where is everyone?” Nikki asks. Troy points his sawed-off behind the two and they turn and see Tiff jogging up, out of breath.

“I can’t find anyone else, but the place crawls. What are we going to do?”

“I think we should find a radio, I saw a Radio-hut a few blocks back.” Joe shrugs and looks for support.

Tiff shakes her head. “We need to find the others, or look for more survivors. The more people we have, the better chance we stand.”

“And if we had a radio, we can find out where they are…”

“Can it radio-head. Look around, where are you gonna keep this radio? In your Calvin Klein underwear? We need to find a place where we can hole-up and rest. If we don’t get a place that we can all fall back to, then we might as well just join the walkers.” Troy feigns a zombie facial expression before checking his sawed-off and makes sure he has plenty of rounds left.

“I know a place a few miles from here, big security door, lots of space. Probably doesn’t even have any zombies in it.” Nikki takes a bite out of old apple pie while the others look at her suspiciously. “What? I used to house sit for them.”

The four survivors travel down grayson street and approach a large mansion. The alarm was going off and walkers were shambling in through some broken windows. The sound would never do, attracting too much distraction. Troy points to a power station, “We gotta get in there and shut off the power.”

As soon as the team opens the power station, 3 walkers, probably electricians by their uniforms, attack them. The quickly search for weapons and head to the maintenance building in the back to find the spare key Nikki tells them is there. Troy tells Tiff to search a nearby building for supplies and Tiff is mauled by walkers as soon as she gets the door open. Joe quickly applies a tourniquet and helps Tiff towards the maintenance building. Soon the tell-tale roar informs the group that things have gotten worse. Troy turns to the team and lays out a plan.

“Ok look, I’ve been fighting these things since you’ve been crapping in your pants while your mother feeds you green paste from S-Mart. This is what we’re going to do… Joe is going to run out there and take out that fatty. Tiff is going to cover him by taking out those runners coming up the street. Nikki is going to sprint out with the Maltov and blast that Abomination to smithereens. I’m going to use Nikki’s rifle to cover her in case any walkers get too close. Any questions? Good!”

Joe shakes his head, there are so many things that could go wrong with this plan that they should probably run. He doesn’t like leading this plan, but it all revolves around him taking out the fatty in the way. He only has one shot at clearing the path. The team launches into action, Tiff stepping out behind Joe as he runs down the street towards the fatty he gets as close as he dares and lets two fly. He hears Nikki running past as the fatty falls to the ground. Nikki hurls the makeshift explosive as Troy takes the riffle from Tiff and eliminates the runners sprinting for Nikki. Soon the entire street is in flames and the team starts fighting towards the front door of the mansion. Troy takes the lead and the party sees Tiff slowly falling behind. Joe holds the doorway while Troy and Nikkin quickly board up the exposed portions of the house. Burning muscles through sweat and blood, Tiff hurls herself into the building as Joe slams and bolts the front door. Troy comes out of one of the back rooms dusting off his hands and checking his sawed-off.

“See, just as I planned.”



  • All: +1 for surviving
  • All: +1 for successfully completing the mission
  • Nikki: +1 for killing the abomination
  • Joe: +1 for saving Tiff


  • Medic Bag


  • Tiff: +1 Free ranged action with Sub MG
  • Troy: +1 Die with sawed-off
  • Joe: +1 Die with S.B.F.
  • Nikki: +1 Die with Rifle/Sniper Rifle

Supplies are running low

The team has gained a safe haven, but no supplies were found and food is running out. What happened to the rest of the group?



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