Pilot: Crossing the Street

"You're not Mexican?"


“When the sirens went off, the looting started, this was a bad idea, it put more people at risk. But I couldn’t let my chance go. I figured the pharmacy would be the best place, people always need medicine. Guess I wasn’t the only one with that idea. Better to stick together was my thinking, was going to take this guy to where I was holed-up. We just had to cross the street.
But THEY were already there…”



Southside San Antonio, a deserted street with a car on fire, a couple of zombies shuffle down the street.



NED, American survivalist, paranoid of the other survivors, stares down another survivor, JOSH the street thug, as JOSH is looting the pharmacy.

Josh: “Hey man, we can duke this out and one of us might walk out of here alive, but then he’ll have to deal with the zombies all by himself.”

Crazy Ned: “Biters, man I hate biters. You gotta gun? No gun? crap, we’ll have to try to avoid ’em. I saw a place that looks safe. All we gotta do is cross the street.”

Josh: “OK mang, lead the way.”

Crazy Ned: “You got any chinchillas?”

Josh: “Dude, I’m not Mexican.”

Crazy Ned: “You’re not Mexican?!? OK then, let’s go.”


  • Take the Objective token.


  • Josh the Thug
  • Ned the Survivalist

Survivors Found (Did not start the game)

  • None

Survivors in reserve

  • None


In this episode, not a terrible lot happened. Ned and Josh encounter each other in a pillaged shop. Both characters have run out of bullets and they decide to work together to get to safety. Josh starts searching around when a zombie bursts out of a store room. Josh easily puts it down, while Ned comes running to check on the commotion.

Ned starts search the room and realizes almost too late that Josh didn’t kill the zombie. He curses and finish the thing off. The two spend some time debating on the best way to cross the street. The open the door and are immediately beset by a zombie. Afterwards they cautiously make their way to the building across the street and are force to fight another zombie.

Inside the safety of the new building, the two quickly barricade the door and then search the area for zombies and equipment. Once done, they settle in to rest and discuss their next plan.



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