The living are losing ground. The pockets of resistance fall one after the other. If we had a CB we could organize the survivors. The zombies are growing in numbers and our supplies are getting scarce. I could kill for some toothpaste.


  • Open all the doors.
  • Find 2 of each supply card (Water, Bag of Rice, Canned Goods).
  • Make it to the exit with supplies.


Survivors Found (Did not start the game)

  • Jeff

Survivors in reserve




The edge of downtown San Antonio, large mansion and makeshift walls around, zombies shamble in the distance.



Survivors sit around a table discussing their next move.

JOE, Hispanic scavenger that tinkers with everything, slams his hand down on the table.

C’mon, why are we sitting here debating this? We need to get a radio; we’re never gonna find out if there’s a safe haven if we can’t talk to anyone out there..

Doc, American doctor, rescued by Joe often plays devil’s advocate to any suggestion.

It’s not that simple Paco, We’re all out of ammo except for the Dick over there and we’ve lost too many people recently.

TERRY, American vet who prefers to play it safe.

Doc’s right, we’re all but out of supplies and we have too many mouths to feed.
Looks around at the other survivors.
Good, we’re in agreement, this is a supply run then.

C’mon mang, funk dat. Fine, supply run, a radio is a supply and if I see a radio hut, I’m getting me a radio.

Joe, you’re one tough hombre and I think it’s best if we stick together.

CATHY, American ex gold medalist that prefers running to anything.

Where are you gonna get batteries for that radio Joe? Now we gotta waste time hunting down batteries?

Duh, they come with hand cranks, haven’t watched any old war movies? And if it doesn’t, I’ll make one for it.

He does have a point.


Joe huffed as he braces himself in the doorway. It was a routine supply run until the zombie dogz showed up, they had not encountered any up to now and they were bearing down on Cathy’s position. The sprinter was fast, but not as fast as those damn dogz. Joe likes to think he is being altruistic, but Cathy is carrying all the canned goods they’d found; if they left her behind a lot of people would not be eating tonight. He looks back at Doc, unsure of his intentions. The rest of the group is down the street trying to stem the tied of walkers and Wanda had taken off to who knows where; probably trying to get herself killed again.

“You got my back? If I go out there and you don’t back me up, I’ll shoot you myself.”

“The girl is Alpo, we should let he distract the dogz and get back to the group.”

Joe levels his sawed-off at Doc, “Do you have my back?!?”

“Yeah, I got you’re back, Jesus.”

Joe and Doc make a mad dash across the street, as they tear through Zombies on the way. They see Dick and Jeff busting into a building down the street to escape the horde coming at them. In the distance he hears a chainsaw and knows Wanda hasn’t gone down, yet. Joe lets two fly before switching two his SBFs and enters the maintenance shack. He tears through the zombie dogz but there are too many of them. Doc is busy clearing the street of zombies and the pack of rabid dogz turn their attention to Joe. Joe braces himself for the onslaught.

“You boys need some help?” Terry comes in behind Joe and levelss his AK-47, the rest of the pack go down without a whimper. “Do your thing kid and let’s get out of here.”

Joe finds Cathy sprawled out on the floor, her arms are bloodied from where she fended of the dogz and she has lost a lot of blood.

“Can you walk?” asks Joe as he applies a tourniquet to one of her arms. Cathy nods and Joe yells out the door to Doc, “Let’s go, Doc.”

“I’ll hold them back while you…”

“Damn it Doc, we’re all going. LET’S GO!” Sometimes Joe isn’t sure where Doc’s head is at.

The quartet exit the opposite end of the Shack and can see Wanda down the street fending off a horde with her trusty chainsaw. They make their way to Wanda’s position when Jeff comes out of the building pointing back. They had found Jeff hiding in a closet, thrust a gun in his hands, and drug him along. He is waving frantically.

“They got Dick, the Zombies got Dick.”

Joe looks at Cathy then at Terry. The grizzled vet frowns and then pushes Cathy to Joe.

“I got this one kid, you get the girl to safety.” Terry and wanda rush into the building with Jeff close behind while Joe, Doc, and Cathy make their way down the street.

Joe hears flurry of gunshots inside the building and the trio wait as long as they can. Cathy tries to prove useful by shooting a few zombies that are coming up the street.

The other four emerge from the building and Dick is tore up pretty bad and leans heavily on Jeff. Terry waves for them to go and that’s all that Joe needs. Once Joe and Cathy head out, Doc is not far behind. Wanda and Terry hustle to catch up to them, but Dick and Jeff lag behind. Four runners barrel down the street towards Dick and Jeff; the others are out of sight.

“Sorry man, you’re just one more mouth to feed and we really don’t have the room.”

Jeff’s quizzical look fades as Dick levels his sawed-off and pulls the trigger. The Runners descended upon Jeff as Dick slips around the corner to catch up to the group.

Campaign Points


  • All: +1 for surviving
  • All: +1 for successfully completing the mission
  • Joe: +1 for saving Cathy
  • Wanda: +1 for saving Dick
  • Dick: +1 for being Dick


  • Water x2
  • Canned Goods x2
  • Bag of Rice x2
  • Radio
  • Medic Bag




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