Dick, the Undertaker

"Need grandma buried quick? Come see Dick!"


Dick (Character)

from “Zombicide” (2015)
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  1. Episode 2 Out of Supplies (2015)

Additional Details

Genres: Horror

arrow_blue.png Lucky
arrow_yellow.png +1 Action
arrow_orange.png +1 Die: Combat
arrow_orange.png Zombie Link
arrow_red.png +1 Free Combat Action
arrow_red.png Distributor
arrow_red.png Hit & Run



Voted Undertaker of the Year three years running, Dick Johnson’s chain of cut-rate funeral parlors consistently buried the competition. When the dead actually rose Dick hid in one of his own custom-made coffins for three days hoping to ride it out. Reemerging into a dead new world and realizing that since nobody died anymore he was now the most useless man on Earth, Dick threw himself into the business of survival with the same vigor he displayed in building his one-man empire of the dead. Dick’s knowledge of anatomy, embalming chemicals, and obscure undertaking lore will prove invaluable to any group he joins.

Dick, the Undertaker

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