Doug the Office Guy

On the plus side, no more TPS reports.


Doug the Office Guy (Character)

from “Zombicide” (2014)
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  1. Episode 1: A Bad Dream (2014) Played by Michael Douglas

Additional Details
Genres: Horror


  • Matching Set! (Blue)
  • +1 action (Yellow)
  • +1 die: Ranged or +1 free combat action (Orange)
  • +1 to dice rolls: Combat or Ambidextrous or Slippery (Red)


  • +1 to dice roll: Ranged (SMG)
  • +1 free ranged action (SMG)

Four-hour commutes, 12-hour days, uncooperative colleagues, and unappreciative bosses are a thing of the past for Doug. Sure, dealing with zombies is a little stressful, but quite frankly, he still finds them a pleasant change from his previous daily grind. He feels sure that an Uzi in each hand would have greatly simplified staff meetings. They certainly help in dealing with troublesome ex-colleagues and ex-bosses, most of whom Doug is pretty sure are zombies.

Doug the Office Guy

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