Jeff, the Marksman

"We all brought our own solutions to the zombie issue. Tell me about yours!"


Jeff (Character)

from “Zombicide” (2015)
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  1. Episode 12: Y-Zone (2015)

Additional Details

Genres: Horror

arrow_blue.png Sniper
arrow_yellow.png +1 Action
arrow_orange.png +1 Die: Range
arrow_orange.png +1 Max Range
arrow_red.png +1 Free Ranged Action
arrow_red.png Reaper: Combat
arrow_red.png Tactician


  • None

Campaign Points

  • 0 Unused Campaign Points

A logical mind and skilled marksman, Jeff is used to bring his unique point of view on any situation arising in the zombie world. More often than not, he’s advocating about the use of teamwork and precise strikes to reach the intended goals. And then come the times when he goes silent and single-handedly kills scores of zombies, one headshot at a time.

Jeff, the Marksman

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