Joe the Scavenger

"Recycling to save the planet takes on a whole new meaning, eh?"


Joe (Character)

from “Zombicide” (2015)
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  1. Episode 3: Lost (2015)
  2. Episode 4: Sanctuary (2015)
  3. Episode 6 City Blocks (2015)
  4. Episode 8 Ash to Ashes pt.1 (2015)
  5. Episode 9 Ash to Ashes pt.2 (2015)
  6. Episode 10 A Friend In Need pt.1 (2015)
  7. Episode 11 A Friend In Need pt.2 (2015)
  8. Episode 12: Y-Zone (2015)

Additional Details

Genres: Horror

arrow_blue.png Scavenger
arrow_yellow.png +1 Action
arrow_orange.png +1 Die: Combat
arrow_orange.png Reaper: Combat
arrow_red.png +1 Free Combat Action
arrow_red.png +1 to Dice Rolls: Combat
arrow_red.png Ambidexterous


  • Starts with S.B.F
  • +1 die: Melee (S.B.F)

Campaign Points

  • 9 Unused Campaign Points

Joe knows how to find the weirdest stuff and turn it into something useful—even lethal—in no time. Before the zombies, he was considered a jerk. Now, everyone knows he’s a genius!

Joe the Scavenger

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