Crazy Ned

"Just add a bit of bleach and BANG! Heh heh heh…"



  • +1 free search action (blue)
  • +1 action (yellow)
  • +1 die: Ranged or +1 free combat action (orange)
  • +1 die: Combat or +1 to dice roll: Combat or Tough (Red)


  • Starts with rifle.
  • +1 to dice rolls: Ranged with Rifles or Sniper Rifles

Ned knew it. He KNEW this would happen. THIS is THEIR fault. He SAID so, over and over, but NOBODY ever listened. Boy are they SORRY now. Ned was preparing for years: collecting food and weapons, building a bunker, all to survive THIS. Unfortunately for Ned, he’s lost his bunker key. Until he finds it, he’s going to need every survival skill he’s got. And he’ll probably need other people, too. Crap.

Crazy Ned

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