Smith, dog of war



Joe (Character)

from “Zombicide” (2015)
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  1. Episode 13: That’s My Bike (2015)

Additional Details

Genres: Horror

arrow_blue.png +1 Free Combat Action
arrow_yellow.png +1 Action
arrow_orange.png +1 Free Move Action
arrow_orange.png Lucky
arrow_red.png +1 Die: Combat
arrow_red.png +1 to Dice Rolls: Combat
arrow_red.png Webbing


  • Starts with Daisho

Campaign Points

  • 2 Unused Campaign Points

Smith mustered out of the special forces straight into private “security”, working all over the world for the highest bidder. Specializing in wetwork and asking no questions, Smith was in town for a contract when all hell broke loose. Fortunately for him, and unfortunately for the zombies, he had his arsenal stashed nearby. Though used to working alone, even Smith knows he doesn’t have enough bullets to take on the zombie hordes by himself. Forced to cooperate with the other survivors, he’s finding it hard on his limited social skills.

Smith, dog of war

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