Campaign Experience


The world evolved, and so did we. We learned in a couple months what a soldier might need years to learn. The lives we had, the people we were, are all gone, and we have accepted that. We are survivors, and we are here to bring the future.

Experience mode

Playing in Experience mode allows Survivors to earn Experience cards. These work like Skills and enhance the Survivors’ abilities. Equipment and experience points still reset between games, but Experience cards remain from one game to the next, until the Survivor is definitively eliminated (or discarded).

1) A Survivor earns an experience card of the player’s choice at the end of a successful mission if they he reaches a Danger Level he never reached before, including previous games. The selected Experience card counts as a Skill and is effective at the start of the next mission. A Survivor can hoard an unlimited amount of Experience cards during his lifespan but may have only a single copy of each. Experience cards’ effects stack with other game effects. A weapon’s Accuracy cannot be brought below 2+.

2) The player must meet the objective of the game to earn an experience card.

3) A Survivor can only gain one experience card per mission.

EXAMPLE 1: Amy begins at the Blue Danger Level, without any Experience cards. She soon reaches the Yellow Danger Level for the first time. Amy reaches the Orange Level by the end of the game and all the objectives are met. Amy earns a single experience card.

EXAMPLE 2: Phil has the Starts with a Pistol Skill at the Blue Level. He reaches the Yellow Danger Level during the game and all objectives are met. Phil chooses the Pistol / Starts with a Pistol Experience card. In the next game, Phil will start with two Pistols!

4) Experience cards are kept from one game to the next, until the Survivor is eliminated or the player chooses to discard the Survivor entirely. A Survivor can be eliminated (or discarded) and immediately played again in Experience mode, but without any Experience cards. Reroll time!

EXAMPLE 1: On a second game, Amy starts at the Blue Danger Level and with only the starting equipment again, but she benefits from the Experience card she earned in the first game. Reaching the Yellow Danger Level doesn’t grant her an additional Experience card, as she reached this Danger Level on the first game. However, reaching the Orange Danger Level, and then the Red, earns Amy her second Experience cards if the mission is successful.

3) Whenever a Survivor possess an Experience card in a Mission not featuring the corresponding Equipment, put all corresponding Equipment cards you own in the Equipment pile (even if it involves starting Equipment, like Nightsticks in Zombicide Season 2: Prison Outbreak, for example). Survivors with the Starts with [Equipment] Skill still receive a free copy of such a card, if required. If you’re used to mixing Equipment cards from various sources in your games anyway, that’s cool.


EXAMPLE: Ned chose “Nightstick / +1 die: Melee” as an Experience card and plays a Season 3: Rue Morgue Mission. Nightstick Equipment cards are usually featured in Season 2: Prison Outbreak Missions. Nightstick Equipment cards are nonetheless added to the Season 3: Rue Morgue Equipment pile.

Campaign Experience

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