I Gotz Ammo

Each character starts with a ranged weapon of their choice (Except Phil who already has a pistol). None of the weapons have ammo (again, accept Phil). The person drawing the pistol card at the beginning of the game, instead gets pistol (no other weapon) ammo, and it can be given to the character who has a pistol before the start of the game.

Drawing a weapon card gives the character the option of:

  1. Picking up a weapon of that type that is currently loaded.
  2. Finding Ammo of that type of weapon.

of course if the character finds ammo he’ll have to trade it with the player who has that type of weapon as their current weapons. So people might just opt to pick up a new gun. I want to try to have some Ammo cards made, but I don’t know how feasible that is yet.

I Gotz Ammo

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