Vehicle Rules


The Survivor gets in or out of a car in his Zone. To get in a car, the Zone must have no Zombies and either the driver’s seat or one of the three passenger’s seats must be empty for the Survivor to occupy. There are no restrictions to getting out of a car.

The Survivor vacates the seat he’s currently occupying and takes a different empty seat in the same car. If there are no empty seats in the car, Survivors cannot change seats.

Cars can only be driven if the Mission allows it. The Survivor occupying the driver’s seat can move the car one or two street Zones per Action spent (cars cannot be driven into buildings). This Action is not a Move and is not subject to movement modifiers, such as a free Move Action or increased movement, nor is it affected by disadvantages related to Move Actions (cars can leave a Zone with Zombies in it without the need to spend extra Actions). A car attacks all Actors in the Zones through which it moves (see Combat – Car Attack, page 17).

When the Survivor in the driver’s seat spends an Action to move a car, it runs over every Actor in the Zone it starts in and each Zone it enters. The player who controls the driver rolls one die for each miniature in the Zone the car leaves, every Zone it moves through, and the Zone it reaches (except for the Survivors inside the driven car). Each 4, 5, or 6 is a successful hit that inflicts 1 Damage (only 1; it is impossible to run down a Fatty or Abomination). Assign these hits following the targeting priority order, just like a Ranged attack (see previous section): first Survivors (except for those in the attacking car), then Walkers, then Fatties and Abominations, and finally Runners. All targeted Survivors must be killed before hits can be assigned to any Walkers. The driver gains all the experience points from the killed Zombies.

Survivors may make Melee and Ranged attacks from the inside of a car, without altering the Combat rules in any way. Cars offer no protection to their occupants from normal Zombie attacks or Survivor attacks.

Vehicle Rules

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