We are lost. We had lots of zombies behind us, ammunitions were running low… We panicked, and here is the result. We have no idea where we are. Neither do the zombies running after us, but it’s not like we can’t find zombies anywhere. We’d better calm down. Then we will explore the area to find food, weapons and a map. With method and a little luck, all is going to be fine.


  • Collect one supply card (Water, Canned Goods, or Bag of Rice) or Plenty of Ammo card for each member in the group.
  • Open all the doors.
  • Make it to the exit.


  • Joe the Scavenger
  • Kris the Car Repo Man
  • Cathy the Gold Medalist
  • Tiff the Rocker
  • Troy the Traveler

Survivors Found (Did not start the game)

  • Louise the Metal Worker
  • Nikki the Gator Wrangler
  • Banquo, American Bulldog

Survivors in reserve

  • None


Joe had hooked up with a number of survivors he found in the Alamo City. Troy was a wacked out zombie-hunter; he says he’s been fight zombies for years, but that’s impossible. Even still he proves to be good at fighting them, although he’s a little too preoccupied with finding a chainsaw. Tiff on the other hand is cool and level headed, spraying death with her trusty SMG. Kris used to be a repo-man and had some experience dealing with hostile opponents. Last they had Cathy, Joe wasn’t sure about her. She had been a sprinter in the Olympics and her solution always seemed to be to run.

The team made their way into the first building, but it wasn’t long before they heard the tell-tale roar of an Abomination (Round 2). That was a bad sign, but Joe quickly found the makings of a Molotov cocktail (Bottle Round 2, Gasoline Round 3). The group herded into the back of the building where they found a pair of survivors, Louise the construction worker and Nikki the southern girl. Joe wanted to dash across the street to the other building, but Troy kept telling the group to wait. Finally Kris opened the door and Cathy dashed out to clear the street and ducked back into the room.

From somewhere in the building a dog came in, scared and angry. Louise gave the mutt some food and the dog took to her. She named the dog Banquo. Meanwhile the zombies were bearing down on their hiding spot. It was only a matter of time before the zombies found them.

They could hear the Abomination; it was getting closer. Nikki grabbed the Molotov from Joe and dashed out into the street. She lit up the entire street dashed back to the safety of their hiding place. The team could hear the howls of the abomination and the sound sent chills up their spines.

The main group dashed across the street into another building while Troy and Louise went back to try to find supplies in another building. Joe, Cathy, Nikki, Trish, and Kris easily cleared the other building, but Troy and Louise got pinned down and couldn’t make to the third building. Troy cleared the street and Louise dashed out to open the door, Zombies poured out of the building and Louise had to duck back into the first building. The hoard would have certainly spelled their demise, if the Joe and the team hadn’t come out of the second building, shooting down the street and making a ruckus. The horde turned towards them and totally ignored the two. Cathy made a bold move and advanced towards the hoard while Troy and Louise abandoned the search and ran through the first building to get out. Joe tried to provide backup, but the scavenger soon found that he could not save Cathy and retreated to the safety of the group.

The team managed to hold the zombies at bay until Troy and Louise were safe, but the zombies had advanced on Cathy. Louise sent Banquo to save her, and it looked like Banquo was lost. In a last ditch effort, Cathy grabbed Kris’ pair of sawed-off shotguns and cleared the street to allow Banquo to slip away at Louise’s call.

The team had grabbed enough supplies to last the next week, but what were they going to do now? Joe wanted to find a Radio-Hut to try and build a new radio. Tiff said the mission was too close and needed more survivors. Troy said none of it was any good if they didn’t find a safe place to hole-up.



  • All: +1 for surviving
  • All: +1 for successfully completing the mission
  • Nikki: +1 for killing the abomination


  • 2 Water
  • 2 Canned Goods
  • Bag of Rice
  • Medic Bag


  • Tiff: +1 to dice rolled with Sub MG
  • Troy: +1 free ranged Action with Sawed-off
  • Joe: Starts with S.B.F.
  • Nikki: Starts with Rifle
  • Kris: +1 Free Reload

So what does the team want to do now?

  • Get more supplies.
  • Find a safe-house.
  • Search for survivors.


Joe and Troy sound like two bad mamma jammas, they are the makings of the ultimate zombie slaying team.


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