Lucius, the Weed Man

"Man, do I have the munchies!"


Lucius (Character)

from “Zombicide” (2015)
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  1. Episode 7: Save the Cheerleader (2015)

Additional Details

Genres: Horror, Action

arrow_blue.png +1 to Dice Rolls: Ranged
arrow_yellow.png +1 Action
arrow_orange.png +1 Free Ranged Action
arrow_orange.png +1 to Dice Rolls: Melee
arrow_red.png +1 Die: Combat
arrow_red.png +1 Free Combat Action
arrow_red.png Reaper: Combat


Campaign Points

  • 2 Unused Campaign Points

Lucius started growing marijuana soon after smoking his first joint. After flunking out of high school, Lucius discovered he had a green thumb and turned an enjoyable hobby into a full-fledged business. Everyone loved Lucius’s bud, and his nickname of the Weed Man stuck. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. Busted by the local cops, Lucius was being escorted to the police station when the zombie outbreak hit. The cops soon had other things to worry about and Lucius managed to slip away. Not a hero, Lucius ekes out a precarious existence bartering herb for life’s essentials.

Lucius, the Weed Man

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